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New taxes on the financial sector

In recognition of a matter of undoubted current interest, the Foundation has promoted a study on New taxes on the financial sector, which has been prepared by KPMG – one of the entities that have the status of Board Member of the Foundation- , under the direction of D: Victor Mendoza Díaz Aguado tax partner of that firm.

That study examines in depth the proposals from European Commission for the introduction of a tax on financial transactions as much as the proposals that, from various international forums, have been carried out ahead in that direction; analysing the specific measures taken in various jurisdictions, mainly within the European Union, as well as the current situation existing in Spain. Additionally, the study has been supplemented with a study of the “econometric impact”, prepared by a professor at the UNED D. José María Labeaga, that aims to assess the possible effects of the implementation of the proposed tax in Spain (a translation into English is available).

To provide the knowledge of this project, and contribute to the spreading of its conclusions, the Foundation allows the free access to the executive summary (a translation into English is available) and to the complete final report of findings (only available in Spanish), both offered on PDF files.

On January 22, 2013, FUNDACIÓN IMPUESTOS Y COMPETITIVIDAD presented this project in its entirety and held a presentation event, organized as a round table, with a very brief presentation of the main conclusions of the studies promoted by the Foundation, and a subsequent debate on the subject, addressing the advantages and disadvantages of the eventual implementation in Spain of a tax on financial transactions.

In the presidency of the event, together with the President of the Foundation and the authors of the works – Mr. Victor Mendoza and Mr. José María Labeaga – Diego Martín Abril, General Director of Taxes of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations, was present, and the attendance of representatives of the main business sectors affected by these measures was confirmed.

The presentation ceremony took place on January 22, 2013 at CECA’s facilities, located at C/Caballero de Gracia 28-30. Madrid.