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Fundación Impuestos y Competitividad

We believe it is necessary to review, innovate and improve the regulation and practical application of the tax systems of Spain and the European Union, for the benefit of the competitiveness of both economies.

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Tax application procedures: Current issues and proposals for improvement

Cuarta sesión dedicada al análisis del último trabajo editado por la Fundación.

February 2nd, 2023
Escuela Práctica Jurídica


BEPS Action Plan Tax Observatory: Where are we five years later?

BEPS Action Plan Tax Observatory: Where are we five years later?

International work on BEPS and the related OECD Action Plan have several years of history behind them already. The Tax and Competitiveness Foundation has also been prioritising these developments for a long time now. Likewise, the priority attention that the Fundación Impuestos y Competitividad has given to such developments has…

Environmental taxation

Environmental taxation

The book that the Foundation has published contains a wide range of technical considerations on the different existing figures and the innovations that could be introduced, with concrete proposals from the authors. On the other hand, we insist on more general reflections on the criteria to be followed in the…



Action Plan

As part of the obligations imposed by the legislation governing Foundations, the Board of Trustees of FIC approved the Action Plan for 2023 at the last meeting held in 2022. We consider it of interest to share certain aspects of this Plan with our contacts. Worthy of mention with respect…