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AEASE signs up to the joint institutional statement in favour of the introuction of alternative dispute resolution measures

Following the joint institutional statement that, as the culmination of the project promoted by Fundación Impuestos y Competitividad on “Tax  litigiousness: alternative means of settlement and facilitation measures” , was formalized in late 2023 by the Foundation and other institutions that had participated in the Seminars which were arranged to develop the project,  AESAE’s initiative to sign up to that statement is to be welcomed.

In fact, the aforementioned employers’ association, which is a member of the CEOE, expressed its intention to sign up to the institutional statement, and organised an event at the CEOE’s headquarters  at C/ Diego de León 50, on 16 February.

The event was divided into a formal act with Mr. Ramón Mª Calduch Farnós, as the chair  of AESAE, and Ms. Mª Antonia Azpeitia Gamazo, as the Chair of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees signing the statement, and a session with an academic or technical content, in which several speakers addressed the analysis of tax litigation and possible solutions, endorsing the approach promoted by  FIC. 

Reflecting the day’s events , a copy of the signed statement is attached, along with the program of the academic session, in which Ms. Mª Antonia Azpeitia and Mr. Jesús López Tello, the latter as coordinator of the Foundation’s project and with in-depth knowledge of the same, took part on behalf of FIC.