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Proposals for the Reform of the Legislative Framework for Real Estate Taxation

The real estate sector has played a key role in sustaining economic growth in Spain over the last years. However, the current economic situation has created the need to consider new measures that will help revitalise Spain’s real estate activity and ensure that the sector keeps its leading role in the new economic model that will eventually emerge.

With this aim in mind, the publishing house e-Praxis has published the Fundación Impuestos y Competitividad’s (Tax and Competiveness Foundation) first book entitled Proposals on the Reform of the Real Estate Activity Legal Framework. This book aims to identify the main problems present in the current legislation on real estate taxation and offers a series of recommendations and proposals for improvement that take as their starting point the merits of the current tax system applicable to the real estate business, and facilitate a review of the applicable tax regulations.

Representatives of the academic world, tax advisors, and some of the most important companies in the sector have participated in the study, which Uría Menéndez has coordinated with the Fundación Impuestos y Competitividad. The outcome is a document that evaluates the current situation by analysing financial authorities and their competences, based on a detailed review of the impact of the real estate activity on the Spanish economy and on the tax system and a tax technical analysis of the various different taxes affecting the real estate sector, identifying areas in which there is room for improvement and making recommendations where considered necessary.

The Fundación Impuestos y Competitividad considers necessary a deep reflection on the configuration of taxation in the real estate sector and aims to provide the basis for this reflection through the publication of the book.