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Outcome of the project on Alternative Dispute Resolution Measures. Joint institutional declaration

During the past two years Fundación Impuestos y Competitividad has promoted and carried out the project on “Alternative dispute resolution measures”.

In the information provided on the project, as well as in the introduction to the book published under the title “Tax  litigiousness: alternative means of settlement and facilitation measures” -, we referred to the significance of the collaboration of several organisations, which are undoubtedly significant social players in the field of taxation, in the completion of the project.

As a culmination of the work carried out in this respect, and in order to expressly place on record the position upheld, a joint statement has been issued by several of the collaborating organisations which we consider appropriate to share and disseminate publicly.

Attached is the text of this statement, which is open to other organisations to sign, setting out the general demand for alternative measures for the resolution of tax disputes in order to put an end to the clear inadequacies of Spain’s current tax system in this respect.